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Quantum Healing for all

Dolores Cannon was my first teacher in the field of past life regression. In the summer of 2014, I took the QHHT® level 2 training with Dolores. It was a few months later that she left this world. Her inspiring work guided me into amazing experiences within the Quantum Field. Our consciousness is all we need to explore the experiences of our soul and to create our present.

My goal is to help people to expand awareness and explore consciousness.

During my near-death experience, I discovered we are all one, connected by love. We are all connected with the infinite wisdom of our Soul.

oracle cards

My first Oracle card deck will be published in the summer of 2022. 

Keep an eye on this page to learn  more

Ocean of Love, Quantum Healing for All update

July 2021:

Ocean of Love has reached more than 24 countries and now it has been published on 7 more platforms.

Check the link for more information.


Lighthouse, Guide and Journal

June 2021:

15 years ago I was going through a spiritual crisis. It took me a while to see that it was a major chance for transformation and a chance to improve my life. I have been lucky to have had loved ones standing by, even though they may not understand the process. During these last 15 years, I have seen many others going through similar experiences. And last year I became a volunteer with the Spiritual Crisis Network. I witnessed so many loving caring, and wise souls who offered their understanding and guidance to those in crisis. All we need to do is be there for someone and let them know we care. It inspired me to create a journal for those who are going through a crisis. A lighthouse to help find peace and calm during a spiritual or emotional storm. If you know anyone going through a crisis this may be a gift to help them find a way out.

Available on Amazon. Lighthouse, Guide and Journal.

Reading your Birth Chart, Astrology Course


My astrology book was published in April 2021. This book is a foundation level course in Astrology. Do you want to learn how to read and analyze your birth chart? This is the book for you. I have included many fun exercises, from dowsing the stars to vision boards. It will be available in English on as kindle and paperback.

Quantum Healing for all on you tube

I have started interviewing inspirational authors and s on my youtube channel Quantum Healing for All.

Here is the first episode with Dr Allison Brown, talking about her new book The Journey Within. Dr Allison Brown is also co-author of The Ancestors within.

Nederlandse Versie

Oceaan van Liefde, Quantum Healing Voor Iedereen.

Verkrijgbaar bij de Nederlandse boekhandels en

De Nederlandse versie is nu ook in Nederland verkrijgbaar via Klik op de afbeelding om hier naar toe te gaan.

OCEAN OF LOVE, Quantum Healing For All

My first book on Quantum Healing was published in February 2019 in English and Dutch. It is available on and in the Netherlands through bookshops and

The English version has been sold worldwide.

In loving dedication to Dolores Cannon who passed away October 18, 2014